Objectives Of The Society

Global Society For Propagation Of True Knowledge

Address : 1535,Sadashiv Peth, Shiv-Mangal Co-Op Housing Society,

Tilak Road, Near Tilak Smarak Mandir, Pune – 411030


Contact : +91 09011350747  E-Mail : shrirangsudrik@gmail.com

Main Objectives Of The Society :

  1. To present before the world the True Human History which has been suppressed for centuries.
  2. To promote the use of Sanskrit Language
  3. To do research in Vedic Sciences and Technologies for the benefit of India and the Humanity as a whole


Detailed Objectives of the Society :

  1. To present and propagate the True Human History with the following Truths :
  2. The History of Human Beings is Billions of Years Old.
  3. Humanity and all the Human Races originated in India.
  4. World History Commences from India.
  5. All the Ancient World Civilizations were created,founded and nurtured by Ancient India for Crores of Years.
  6. This was done by Ancient Vedic Sages with the Aim of “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ” and “ Krunwanto Vishwam Aryam ”
  7. Thus there was a Worldwide Single , Common Vedic Empire of India and the Indian Civilization is the Oldest and First in the World.
  8. All the above things are repeatedly and perfectly mentioned in our Puranas, Ramayana, Mahabharata and other historical records.
  9. Thus the Vedic Tradition Of India is the Parent Of Humanity and the Common Ancestor of All Religions of the World.
  10. Thus Indian Vedic Civilization is the Mother and Father of All Ancient World Civilizations and India is the Cradle of Humanity.




  1. To promote the use of Sanskrit Language with the following Truths :
  2. Sanskrit is the First and God Given Language of Humanity.
  3. It is the only Scientific Language in the World and thus the Only Language of True Knowledge
  4. All the World Languages have been directly derived from the Sanskrit Language.


  1. To do research in Vedic Sciences and Technologies for the benefit of India as a whole with the following Truths :
  2. Ancient India invented everything from History to Modern Cosmology and all branches of knowledge known and unknown of Past, Present and Future.
  3. This has been reflected in Vedas and its allied Literature.
  4. This knowledge is Far Superior than the Present Knowledge and is Eternal.


  1. To arrange Seminars, Discussions for the above mentioned objectives in India and Abroad and to publish the material on the same with the help of Books, CD’S , Social Media and the Internet.
  2. To bring together the like minded Individuals and Institutions for the above objectives and also to act as a Nodal Agency for the same.
  3. To do all these Activities purely on Scientific Basis, with open mind and without being Follower of any Secterian Religious Faith.
  4. To Promote the above Irrefutable and Unchallengeable Truths before the World which are the detailed objectives of the Society and to take help of various blogs and Internet Sites related to this and also to develop own blog and web site dedicated to this.
  5. To Promote and Protect Sanatana Vedic Dharma which is 100% based on Eternal Irrefutable Science with the help of present day research and studies by Eminent Scholars all over the World for India in particular and for the Whole Humanity and  to make actual Total Revolution in all fields of Human Knowledge with Only True Vedic Knowledge in India and the World thereby acting as a Vedic Educator.
  6. So Global Scholars on Vedas and Sanskrit having or following Right Wing Ideology and have Nationalistic Mindset and having a deep respect about India and its culture and its timeless values are most welcome and are always invited to share and post the Articles on this blog.

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